Mission statement

Our planning and consultancy studio covers a wide array of activity areas

Specialists in a variety of disciplines work together at our office. Moreover, we are part of a network of Austrian and foreign co-operation partners, which enables us to draw on a broad basis of know-how and experience and to address difficult, complex and interdisciplinary tasks. We take quality standards seriously: a high level of professionalism and prompt delivery are hallmarks of our work.

This is how we define planning and consultancy:

Precisely assessing projects and problems; understanding the different interests that come into play; developing alternative perspectives; searching for viable long-term solutions. We have learnt from experience that conflicts of interest are inevitable in planning tasks. For this reason, consensus-oriented communication is an essential part of all our work. To resolve complex situations, we strive for clarity, a focus on the essential and clearcut presentation. Since errors are unavoidable in planning, we attach great importance to criticism and reflection.

We embody a corporate culture based on teamwork and collaborative relationships

We make systematic efforts to enhance our staff members’ sense of responsibility and capacity for independent work. The skills of our team are our most valuable asset; thus on-the-job training is a common concern for all our staff. In addition to the various professional specialisations, planning organisation and conflict management are key training focuses.