About us

The enterprise was established in 1976 and has been active since 1996 as Rosinak & Partner ZT GmbH with three managing directors and currently 30 employees. Starting from traffic and transport planning as our base, we have gradually developed other core competencies, entailing a wide and varied range of tasks for our company. Some highlights of our work in the first years include:

1976  first detailed road project for Erdberger Lände (Vienna)
1978  noise barrier for large-scale housing project “Am Schöpfwerk” (Vienna)
1980  cycle way network for Vienna, traffic calming for Hörnesviertel neighbourhood
1985  100 km/h speed limit on Rhine Valley motorway – accompanying research
1986  Vienna city motorway “Südosttangente” (A 23), Kaisermühlen – Hirschstetten
1987  moderation of eastern motorway bypass project for Graz (Styria)
1989  traffic and transport development for the eastern region of Austria
1992  Vienna Transport Concept

Over the past decade, our activity portfolio has further expanded to comprise e.g. the following key tasks:

  • Interdisciplinary projects on cultural landscape research and regional planning in Austria
  • Concepts for the development of peripheral zones of urban agglomerations
  • General Transport Plan for Austria, Vorarlberg Transport Concept (westernmost federal province of Austria) and Transport Master Plan Vienna
  • Evironmental impact statements for large-scale construction projects and infrastructure projects
  • Collaboration on Vienna Air Quality Strategy
  • IT solutions for Vienna’s public transport provider Wiener Linien (operations database, weekly schedule and maintenance programme)
  • Mobility research (intelligent traffic systems, bicycle traffic, traffic and transport across the Alps)
  • Mediation in the public realm
  • Planning and process management

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Despite the complexity of the tasks handled by us, we attach great importance to a relaxed working environment: our mission statement, our partner studios, the way in which we interact and organise our activities – all these are part of our company culture.